Elms School


Fire Precaution works


This Fire Precaution Works included: 

Upgrading the fire protection to the existing premises; new fire doors and frames to classrooms, new double doors throughout the corridor and new entrance and exit doors. Door frames were fitted into metal frames that are bolted in the floors and into wall plates in the studwork walls. Where pocket doors were previously fitted, new studwork was built to strengthen walls, which were finished with ply, plasterboard and skillmed. 

Phase 1 and 2 of fire precaution improvement work in the primary and secondary school (respectively) included additional fire breaks in corridors, double doors on hold opens, single doors with access control, renewal of external access and fire exit doors with purpose made steel door sets with access control/fire exit interfaces and upgraded fire protection to corridor ceilings and walls plus removal of glazing in corridors. These works were predominantly carried out during the school holidays, out of normal working hours and during the Covid-19 outbreak causing many programming challenges along the way. 

Contract Value

£400,000 per phase


July 2019 

Contract Period

July 2019 – July 2022


Elms School, Dover, Kent

Elms School
Elms School